ESPI Alumni Association

About us

The ESPI Alumni Association was founded in 2015. Thanks to the specialist nature of the school, the association benefits from the expertise of a network of more than 5,000 professionals working in a range of exciting jobs across the various branches of the real estate industry. The vocation of the association is to bring together former students to offer them opportunities to update their industry expertise through knowledge monitoring activities and site visits. Throughout the year, the association also organises team building events and cocktail receptions, where alumni can network with each other and relax socially in the company of renowned real estate industry guest speakers.

Alumni association activities

Team Building

Each month, an alumni member is invited
to share their experience and career path
with you, followed by a debate on a topical
industry theme over a cocktail dinner reception.
A great way to relax and learn at the same time!

Knowledge monitoring

New regulations, new market opportunities:
the real estate profession is forever developing!
Each month, the Alumni Association invites
a legal or academic specialist to share their
expertise and industry experience with you.

Evening events

Cocktail receptions, Christmas parties, outings:
throughout the year the Alumni Association
invites you to events with other members,
offering fantastic opportunities to network
with each other and relax socially.

4 good reasons to join the association

  • Alumni yearbook

    Benefit from a highly-qualified network of real estate professionals!

  • Job Offers

    Apply for exclusive job offers!

  • Useful documents

    Gain access to expert real estate documents and analyses!

  • Alumni events

    Receive invitations to all of our monthly events and meet fellow alumni members!