Admissions procedure

To be considered for admission, applicants for all courses are required to complete an application form, take a series of written tests and attend an interview:

Year 1 Bachelor GESAI (Real Estate Business Manager): French Baccalaureate or recognised international equivalent.

Year 2 Bachelor GESAI (Real Estate Business Manager): successful completion of the 1st year of a recognised higher education qualification in Real Estate, Law or Notarial Studies.

Year 3 Bachelor GESAI (Real Estate Business Manager, full-time or work release): successful completion of the 2nd year of a recognised higher education programme. Applicants who have successfully completed a 2-year higher education qualification in Real Estate or Notarial Studies, or with at least 6 month’s work experience in real estate management or sales are eligible for the work release programme.

Year 1 Professional Masters: recognised undergraduate degree qualification. Applicants with a real estate degree and at least 1 year of relevant experience in the real estate sector are eligible for the work release programme in semester 1. In all other cases, work release starts in January after a refresher course lasting 1 semester.

Year 2 admissions onto the Professional Masters is open to applicants with a recognised 4-year postgraduate qualification in real estate and at least 1 year of relevant business experience. For all Masters-level specialisations, students with a recognised 4-year postgraduate qualification only are eligible for the 6-month study / 6-month internship format (not on work release).

Admissions procedure

  • Complete the online application form
  • You receive a confirmation email stating whether you have been pre-selected following individual assessment of your application
  • Select an admissions test date from those proposed to you
  • You receive an email notification to attend the admissions test

On the given date, you take the tests and attend the on-campus interview.

  • Presentation to applicants by the course managers (40 minutes)
  • 4 multiple choice tests (general knowledge, documentary analysis, logical reasoning, English language proficiency) (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Individual interview with a panel of oral examiners (20 minutes)

Results are sent to applicants by email within 2 weeks.

The applicant then has 15 days to accept their offer. To confirm your place, you should pay a first instalment equivalent to 10% of your total tuition fees (except for work release students whose place is confirmed when the host company signs their contract), amounting to 760€ for undergraduate courses and 880€ for postgraduate courses. An information pack is sent out to students (timetable, enrolment certificate, …) several weeks before the start of the new academic year.

Admissions test details

Written tests Duration Weighting
Documentary analysis multiple choice test

General knowledge multiple choice test

Logical reasoning multiple choice test

English language multiple choice test

25 minutes

25 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes






Oral test Duration Weighting
Interview 20 minutes 2


At the end of the admissions test, the applicant will receive two grades out of 20, as follows:

  • Written tests  – weighting x 1
  • Oral test – weighting x 2

Applicants with an average overall score of more than 12/20 are directly offered a place.

I’m currently overseas, what should I do?

If you’re overseas and unable to come to one of our campuses to take the admissions test, you can take it at a distance.

Once you have filled in the online application form and sent us the required supporting documents, we’ll contact you to arrange a date to take the written tests and attend an interview by videoconference.  Results will be sent to you by email within 2 weeks.

I’ve decided to take a gap year, do I have to enrol?

For students who have decided to take a gap year before joining ESPI, we require you to pay a deposit equivalent to 10% of your total tuition fees in order to secure a place for the following academic year. Please note that for students who have graduated from ESPI or successfully completed one year of study with us more than 2 years ago, we’ll ask you to take the admissions tests again.